Haus der Natur – A Universal Museum of the Natural Sciences

The Haus der Natur museum of natural history has been in existence since 1924. Since its founding, it has continually taken its visitors by surprise with a lively and modern educational approach that has continued to develop steadily over the years.

Today the Haus der Natur is a “three-division institution” with a regional and international focus. It encompasses the classical natural history museum, high-quality zoo divisions, and a Science Center with a broad and varied offering. With over 7000 square meters of exhibit space, the Haus der Natur is currently Salzburg’s largest museum.

In addition, the Haus der Natur plays an important role as a center of specialized knowledge and expertise about the natural world for the city and province of Salzburg. The recently-founded biodiversity center houses the national natural science collections and maintains a comprehensive database containing documentation and analyses of the animal and plant species in the city and province of Salzburg, as well as High Tauern National Park.