VEGA-Sternwarte Haus der Natur
Museumsplatz 5
5020 Salzburg

Helmut Windhager

Arrival by car from Salzburg

Leave Salzburg on Itzlinger Hauptstraße, which first becomes Oberndorfer Straße and then Lamprechts-hausener Straße. Follow the Lamprechtshausener Straße B156 until the exit Weitwörth/Nußdorf. Then turn right in the direction of Nußdorf and at the town sign "Schlößl" turn right again in the direction of Kaiserbuche. Park at the guesthouse "Zur Kaiserbuche" and follow the forest road for about 200 meters to the observatory. Alternatively you can take the route via Obertrum.

If you use a navigation system, please use the address "Kaiserbuche 1, 5162 Obertrum am See".

Since only a limited number of parking spaces are available, we recommend carpooling.


Arrival by public transport

For selected events, a shuttle bus will take you directly from Weitwörth-Nußdorf railway station to the observatory. For the regular star tours every Monday evening we ask you to arrive individually.