Watching the grey matter at work. Experience how the personality is formed, feelings arise or plans are made. In this temporary exhibition, visitors can explore the most complex and mysterious of all organs. But the exhibition does not only focus on the human brain. Whether anatomy or evolution, learning or perception, consciousness or sleep: in every facet it finds correspondences to the animal kingdom and the field of artificial intelligence.

In the 600 square meters of the exhibition, you can watch your brain in action. You experience how memory works, what makes up the self-consciousness and how one tries to grasp intelligence. One exhibition area deals with sleep and dreams, drugs and changes in consciousness, another with emotions and sensory perception.

The temporary exhibition features a mixture of media and analogue hands-on exhibits. Visitors can, for example, test their skill in unlocking boxes, try out a cooperation game or test their short-term memory. And be captivated by the many exciting and amazing stories about the outstanding achievements of our brain.

Duration: 1 June 2020 to 9 January 2022