When you enter the special exhibition in the Haus der Natur, take a seat in one of the original school desks from the 19th century, you feel transported back in time. A time when a boy from Salzburg went to school, whose representations would later go all over the world. Paul Pfurtscheller created scientific blackboards, which were outstanding for their artistic and scientific quality and pioneering from a didactic point of view. With his detailed depictions of different groups of animals - from corals to rats, from earthworms to snakes - he revolutionized school teaching, which until then had to make do with unillustrated books.

Lithography was indispensable for the reproduction of the representations, an elaborate printing process that for the first time enabled large editions of color prints. Another core piece of the exhibition is a 100-year-old and still functional lithographic press from the "Graphische Werkstatt im Traklhaus". Together with a film, it provides insights into this complex craft, which only a few artists still master today. The special show is supplemented and commented on with specimens and models from the museum's collection.

Duration: 8 March 2019 to 18 April 2021